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We're Going Global - Past & Upcoming Events 

For All Movement Levels! 

Upcoming Events... 

After years of anticipation, we offer you the opportunity to take part in an exclusive and first ever international events bringing Roye's movement school across the globe! 
In these events, we'll dive deep into the movement world through Roye's eyes.

We will apply and understand concepts and movement principles through movement development work.
We'll explore weight shifting and its relationship to the ground, movement quality, joint preparation, strength work, handstands, rehab, partner work, play & more. 


NOV 23 - Mexico - TBC

APRIL 24 - Costa Rica - TBC 

For direct contact please email or please contact Jeannie on +447837002391 for Press, business opportunities and questions. 

We are very excited to welcome you to future events...See you soon.